Fedde Groot | Curriculum Vitae
Fedde Groot, BM BCh, MSc, PhD
Academic Foundation doctor NW Thames (London)
  Currently (2013-14):
Foundation Year 1 doctor at Northwick Park Hospital
(Cardiology, Rheumatology, Acute geriatrics, Urology)
  Foundation Year 2 (2014-15):
Chelsea and Westminster & Royal Marsden Hospitals
(Intensive Care, Academic Anaesthetics, Accident & Emergency)
Graduate-Entry Medicine (BM BCh),
Magdalen College, University of Oxford
publications [Research publications]
hiv + macrophages 2006 - 2009:
Postdoctoral research fellow at the Dunn School
of Pathology, University of Oxford
[Macrophages and HIV]
hiv + dc 2002 - 2006:
Ph.D. in Virology / Immunology
Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam
[Dendritic cells and HIV] [Ph.D. thesis .pdf]
Darwin 1996 - 2001:
[Biology] BSc / MSc, University of Utrecht
Specialization molecular biology and microbiology
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